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Our personal dharma relates to and helps us reach that bigger truth, but collectively we all want the same thing and that is simply to realize experientially this higher truth that we are not separate beings. Jyotish dates back to over B. It was first mentioned in writing in the Atharva Veda, , years ago.

What to Wear Every Day of the Week, According to Vedic Astrology

The depth and scope of Vedic Astrology is so vast that we will simply differentiate from Western astrology here by saying that it uses the sidereal zodiac as opposed to the tropical , which is based on the fixed stars, and therefore does not need to account for that gradual precession of the vernal equinox mentioned in the Western Astrology section.

Unlike, Western astrology, it IS what you see if you look up in the sky.

Jyotish has many methodologies for looking into people's life other than just assessing the natal chart Alexis was introduced to Vedic Astrology by Dennis M. Harness, PhD at her advanced yoga teacher training in an Ayurvedic program, and was instantly captivated with the depth and capacity of this ancient science. One of her teachers, Dennis Harness author of "Nakshatras: the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology" describes the difference between Western and Vedic astrology, "Western Astrology is like the ripples on the surface of the ocean, and Vedic astrology is like the deeper waves under the surface.

Vedic Astrology is not about pin-pointing your personality and leaving you stuck with whatever cards you were dealt, it is about transforming what is into what can be and is an invaluable tool for progressing forward on your personal path. Often we re-encounter problems, modes of behavior and feel stuck; with the help of astrology, we can begin to see where these issues might stem from, and how we can shift the cycle.

Latest Articles

This is an invaluable tool for success in all your endeavors! For Natal Chart readings, you will have your full birth chart explained. In transit readings we will look at how the planets in the sky are affecting your natal chart as well as your dasha cycles Timings in Vedic Astrology that are the key to when your karmas ripen. In Relationship readings I will use both of your birth charts to analyze your individual tendencies in relationship as well as your synastry with one another. I will also use the Vedic method of matching called Kuta points to look at how you and your loved one might be relating and what you could potentially do to further harmonize that relationship.

This is valuable for any close family members, friends or partners in business, not just romantic partners.

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Jyotish is a very scientific methodology and process that is going to bring up the Truth of your existence here, which is sometimes more than people are ready to hear. Any kind of details you want to offer as to what you specifically do or want to do, partners you are with and what you are most concerned with right now will help us stay focused in a way that feels good to you.

Questions about specific aspects of your chart are welcome. Readings on Skype or over the phone are also available, if you are not living here with us on the Big Island: All Phone Readings must be pre-paid via PayPal or otherwise arranged payment. Please Note: Location, Date and exact time of Birth are necessary for readings, if you do not have the exact time of birth you have the option of a modified reading based on the Psychology of the Moon mind and emotions and other Vedic Techniques of looking at the planets, or allowing some portion of your reading time to be spent on Rectification of your birth time.

Rahu Ketu Transit Reading -accurate and insightful Thank you for the detailed reading of Gaj Kesari Yoga. Lots of things to look forward in life. Amazing, I was astonished while reading! I am hopeful that it will serve as a guide in my endeavours. Thank you, I appreciate the information. Jupiter Fortune Reading - Very helpful, as I am in Ketu period, and can see that things are improving, and will continue to improve at the end of this period. Thank you, good detail and good advice.

Excellent, super and accurate It's just excellent, outstanding horoscope reading, I have ever seen. It's amazing and so accurate too. I don't have more words to describe about this. I liked your astrology report - D9 Navasma Chart with 2 year Scan.

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Now it has resolved my all confusions. Really very knowledgeable and depth of horoscope were described. Lots of thing I didn't know were explained. The analysis looks pretty accurate. Thank you Dr. I thank you for details. Amala Yoga Reading with 2 year scan - I understand as it was well written and clear. Sensitive Saturn Transit reading - good reading no complaints. Thank you. Very accurate and seems to be interesting Thank you for the report and guidance.

Vedic Astrology - Jyotisha | Wasatch Ayurveda & Yoga

It shows that you pretty much know about me, same as the way my life is going. Thank you for such a nice description of my personality. A very realistic reading. Always a good experience to seek advice from you. So true Birth analysis!!!